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Munich is one of the top destinations for city tourism in Germany and in Europe. With its over 800 years of history it has more to offer than the Oktoberfest and soccer. Come on a journey to discover Munich´s most amazing neighborhood of Haidhausen. It is near the city center and easy to reach.

More importantly, it is full of the true soul of Munich. Next to plenty of cafés there exist Munich´s most iconic beer halls, like the Hofbräukeller. Food gourmets will also love the many restaurants in the quarter, from Bavarian food to French cuisine to burgers.

Furthermore, there are many cultural events for classical music and Jazz. Museums like the Villa Stuck or the Deutsches Museum which is near Haidhausen offer new perspectives in European art and technology. Now find out more about what Haidhausen and Munich have to offer on these pages.

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Bavarian Japanese Trip

January 14, 2018

The Nomiya, located in the Wörthstrasse is a Bavarian Japanese bar and restaurant. In Japanese, "nomiya" simply means bar or pub. What makes the bar unique is the mixing of the two cuisines of Bavaria and Japan. Of course you can eat sushi at the...

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Intoxicating Art

December 26, 2017

One remarkable art gallery in Munich Haidhausen is Artoxin in the Kirchenstrasse. The name refers to the intoxicating impact of art. It was founded by a former chemist Angelika Donhärl and Gottfried Düren in 2014. They display art from local artists...

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Hopfenhäcker Craft

December 17, 2017

One beer brewing craze originating from the USA has also left its mark in Haidhausen: Craft beer. Since 2016 there is the Hopfenhäcker Brewery in the Weissenburger Strasse. The German brewer Werner and his American friend Matt brew beer the American...

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Airbnb in Haidhausen

December 02, 2017

The well-known broker of private homes is also active in Munich Haidhausen. You can choose between a great selection of private homes. Prices can vary strongly between the seasons. Find apartments for Munich Haidhausen following this link: Airbnb...

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Free Wifi

December 02, 2017

Free wifi is great for travelers from outside of Germany. In that way you can avoid high data roaming costs. Also, for the new generation of digital nomads, cafés with wifi offer a great working space. In the following cafés in Munich Haidhausen you...

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Hofbräu Beer

November 30, 2017

The Hofbräuhaus in the center of Munich is probably the world´s most famous beer restaurant. At a time in the past, the brewery was located in Haidhausen, but it has since moved to the Munich Riem neighborhood. They have a broad range of beer types...

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Augustiner Beer

November 29, 2017

Augustiner is the oldest of the still existing beer companies in Munich. It was founded in 1328 by monks. One specialty of the Augustiner company is that they still do the malting themselves. They are quite traditional and have cult status in Munich...

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Munich Mundsemmel

November 20, 2017

A royal specialty from Munich is the "Munich Mundsemmel". It is a bun you can get in many bakeries in and around Munich. It has a cross in the middle made by a stamp. The crust is golden and yellow. The south German word "Semmel" probably originates...

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Organic Bakery

October 11, 2017

From his origins as a child in Lower Bavaria, Ludwig Neulinger bakes without ready-made mixtures. He uses only organic ingredients and adds no food additives. Thus, he is the only of a few bakers in Munich who stand for the traditional craft. And the...

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October 05, 2017

The long history of the Hofbräukeller started in the 18th century as the breweries of Munich began to look for places to expand their production. The royal Hofbräu brewery looked at the hills near the river Isar in Haidhausen. There they found ideal...

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Unionsbräu is Back

August 01, 2017

Unionsbräu is back! Last year this Haidhausen institution reopened again after a pause of nearly three years. In its long history (founded 1895) it has merged with Löwenbräu, one of the major Munich breweries. Unfortunately, Unionsbräu does not brew...

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The Artist Grützner

July 18, 2017

Eduard von Grützner was an important German genre painter who lived in Haidhausen. He was born 1846 in Silesia and moved 1864 to Munich. There he studied at a private school under Herman Dyck. In 1883 he moved to his villa in Haidhausen built by the...

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